Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Normal... is boring

My life, however, never seems to reach that much vaunted state of normalcy and is very, very rarely boring in that sense.

So I started worrying about money again over the weekend. Having not started my new job yet, things are extremely tight for me financially, plus on top of that, my mother's birthday and anniversary are both this week. I actually worried so much about it that I ended up with a severe migraine on Sunday. Then, lo and behold, there's a check for a little over $600 for me that I wasn't expecting waiting for me in my mail-box monday afternoon. Scary.

So I take the check to the bank, and deposit $500 of it to my checking account to help keep me afloat financially until my new job starts, taking a little more than $100 back to go birthday and anniversary shopping for my mom. A run through a fast-food place to get a soda on my way, and realize that the bank messed up and gave me $100 more cash back then they were supposed to. I double check my deposit slip and the slip has all the numbers right, the teller at the bank just made a big mistake and put the wrong amount of money in the envelope. Scarier.

(I went back to the bank and returned the extra money, but I can't say that I wasn't very tempted to keep it. It ultimately came down to one deciding factor, keeping the money was very likely to hurt the teller, a shortage in that amount would probably result in her losing her job. So, being a good little Wiccan I chose to harm none, and took it back.)

At any rate, I at least don't have to worry about money again for another month or so... And I think I got the universe's message, I'm gonna stop worrying so much ( it'd be a lie if I said I was going to quit worrying altogether ) about things and just trust that everything is going to take care of itself in its own good time.


At 9:52:00 PM, Blogger FlotsamCollector said...

I guess that Karma has a good side for you as well...

That which you send out comes back to you...


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